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Home Arrested? Karan ‘KO’ Oberoi Shares His Home Workout Routine During Quarantine.

Anyone who has seen Karan Oberoi’s body pictures across the internet or on Instagram, can definitely make out that his physique has been developed with hard work, patience, consistent practice and discipline. The model says that he considers going to the gym a necessity and part of his routine, he considers gym as a temple and working out as his prayer. He follows a committed gym regimen and a strict dietary code. By working so hard on himself, he now understands his body extremely well and how it responds. Recently strict orders from the government of India, to keep one self isolated and be at home. It becomes quite intersting to know how top models like Karan Oberoi also known as KO, would be able to mentain phyqsique. Recently, Karan Oberoi model shared couple of stories on instagram that how he has been trying to keep himself fit despite not going out of the home. KO is known to run for hours on raods and working out for hours in the gym. In this article I shall be sharing some of …

All about Put-Call Parity

What is the meaning of Put-Call Parity?
This is a principle-based on the relationships of the European price on options and the call options of the same class. This is done with the same asset, strike price amount and expiration date. As per Put-call Parity, the holding of European put that is short and the long European call of the same class delivers the same return. It is done as by holding one forward contract ( means a customized contract between to parties to buy or sell some asset) on the same underlying asset and it also has the same expiration and the forward price (is a predicted delivery price of any commodity, currency or even a financial asset) is equal to the striking e price.In case the prices that are input and call options deviate for this relationship to not hold then an arbitrage (is purchase and sale of an asset to make a profit from a difference in assets price from the market) opportunities exist. This means that the worldly traders can earn risk-free profits and …

Orchids, Colors and Their Meanings

Like every flower has a unique color, so do orchids, in fact, orchids even have cheque prints on them. So this same uniqueness in flowers is because of their colors and these colors have a significance of their own. Florists in Bangalore are very easily available so you can order online various kinds of orchids. 
Orchids are among the best ornamental flowers and they are available in various colors. They are available in almost all colors except blue. Orchids symbolize one of the most romantic feelings in this world and ecstatic to that is love. These are considered the best flowers of love because they can go anywhere and they don't require too many efforts and that's exactly what love is representative of.  During the Victorian era, it was believed that if you give somebody the rarest breed of orchid then your love is as deep as that rare orchid. And there is no doubt in the fact that these flowers also represent luxury. Luxurious flowers because they are the only flower word…