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Cryptocurrency and Effects of Decentralized Currency

The advent of the internet has been a boon and bane both. Where on one side it has made any transactions easy without actual involvement of liquid cash, on the other side, it has enhanced the security concerns. The security concerns have generated from the fraudulent practices prevalent in the market. These take place by some internet hackers who tend to manipulate the data and make the transaction twice so that they get the monetary benefits. Sometimes, it's not the fraud, it's the involvement of the third party too that enhances the cost of the commodity.

Crypto currency is a counterblast to these hackers and interveners who wish to breed on easy money. Crypto Currency is a digital currency where the art of writing codes is used to transfer money and make any transaction. This art of writing code is called Cryptography.  These transactions may be transferring money, transferring ownership or even transferring wealth without the involvement of a third party such as a Bank. Without a third party involvement, the ease of transaction and fear of hackers is removed. it is, therefore, the reason why Bitcoin and likes of it have gained immense popularity for various transactions. Following are effects and advantages of Decentralized Currency:

  1. One can be his own bank. Knowledge about the science that is involved in dealing with cryptocurrency is your answer to manage the transactions without the involvement of actual money. The value of the money that we use for day to day purpose changes depending upon the changes that the central bank makes. These changes are made keeping in mind the economy of the country and hence, can be detrimental to the end user. On the other hand, Cyptocurrency's value depends upon the demand of the coin without any influence of the central bank. The owner wishes to trade the coin over commodity and as a result, get a benefit over this transaction. The exchange or transaction can be made depending upon the receiver's wallet compatibility for coins. 
  2. As a bitcoin user, you may be free from getting influenced by the stringent bank policies. As you will be using the bank-less policy to transact, you can enjoy the flexibility. Besides, you will no longer be paying any bank fees in whatsoever form. This independence will allow you to elasticity as the change in the bank policies will remain ineffective for you. So now go ahead and enjoy the transactions even when the bank collapses. 
  3. Since this system requires no hold from the central bank, the transactions across the world can be made without the conversion of any money. The value of the coin in an international transaction too depends upon the demand of the coin and no other factor influences the value of the coin that you own. The exchange rates are also non-effective while using the coins as they are not controlled by any central authority. Other than this, inflation or deflation of one country or within the same country will not have any consequences on your usage of coins or o the value. Read more.
  4. This decentralized currency is a way of demonstrating how blockchain is effectively used, making it popular. The success of it has stimulated many to understand the Science of using the wallet evincing its success. This being a global phenomenon will gradually be more popular soon due to the decentralization and no control factor. The crypto boom that is happening has given rise to software  that enables the transactions securely. This way of managing the wallet and blockchain is best to maintain the trading success and reap more benefits.    


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