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Special Tips For Pipeline Report

Pipeline report is one type of reports that can be built using greenhouse recruiting report builder. This report can be comprised of three separate configurable reports like- pipeline history report, current pipeline report and pipeline activity report. These entire three reports will give the brief description of capabilities on the past and current health of your pipeline. For starting a pipeline report you should navigate to the recruiting reports page after clicking the ellipsis on your navigation bar and reports from the dropdown menu.

Now the question is that how to do or manage this pipeline report? There have some special appeal and features of these pipeline reports. Here in this page we will discuss about the finest tips for managing your pipeline reports like-


The main purpose is to increase the velocity of the sales cycle by concentrating on the right deals. This is the important process which helps to generate the revenues as well. If you plan and determine the right companies and decision makers to approach you can get the good result for that. The same processes are-

  • Try to reflect your historical sales data and identify the ideal customers who can give you the proper revenues or business.
  • Try to find out the channels by which you can directly communicate with every customer.
  • Always check out your competitors and try to give more output rather than them.


It is important to deal through various stages of the sales pipeline when you know the proper prospect you wants. For this-

  • Don’t hesitate for questioning your prospects and your requirements.
  • Listen to your prospects attentively and that helps you for generating revenues.
  • For your crucial business dealing you should think the proper budgeting procedure and the forecasting which is related with the futuristic statements with the help of some values.


You should get notified about the each activity to stay on the right track and create customized reports in seconds. Basically you can maximize your efficiency by eliminating such time consuming task with sales CRM software.


You should take care of every opportunity in your pipeline and ensure you will follow up and reply to each prospects inquiry on time. You should use the right tool to track the movement of each deal. Then you should determine the attributes of valuable deals.


You should keep an eye on every prospect and remove them if they don’t show any buying signs. Apart from these, many CRM software have a deal rotting feature, you can use all those tactics for getting more and more business. Don’t blindly abandon all the low quality deals which can affect on your sale.

These are the tips for managing your pipeline reports which can help for your sales and marketing and for make a good tie up with every customer and company.


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