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Different Kinds of Fume Hoods for Laboratories and Safety Tips

Every laboratory needs to have some equipment that are needed for the purpose of conducting researches or experiments. Now, there are some naïve or primitive equipment. Using these equipment has become a backdated thing, as we now have advanced equipment for the purpose of experiments. These advanced equipment are more competent and sharp in performance. For example, we can talk about the fume hood at this point. This is the equipment that can easily be found in laboratories. The reason for using it is to get protection from hazardous as well as dangerous fumes when working with them. In early days, fumes were made of woods. But, today you can use the fume hood in the laboratory to create fume and conduct your experiment without any issues.

Different Types of Fume Hoods

At the marketplace, you shall come across different kinds of fume hoods. Some of them are simple in nature and some of them can be complex. Different types have different functional attributes to feature. In order to buy Benchtop Ductless Fume Hoods, you need to follow some simple tricks or techniques. In the following section, we shall know about different types of fume hoods. Generally, we find two types of fume hoods. These two types are as described below:

Re-circulating Fume Hoods: This type of fume hood has been used for educational purposes. In education institutions, laboratories are there to teach students through various practical experiments. It is also used at the laboratory areas, where building does not allow additional ductwork to be established. Typically, this type of fume hood comes with a fan on top. In some cases, fan can be noted at the below chamber of the tool. Now, for different purposes, you shall find different sizes of fume hoods. The standard size ranges from 4 inch to 8 inch. If you want, you can get a customized size as well. There are some disadvantages of this type of fume hood, as the design of the product is primitive. Going close to the fume hood makes a person exposed to the harmful fume. Thus, it is not fully safe and it can cause health concerns of the researchers in a laboratory.

Ducted Fume Hood: To overcome the drawbacks of the re-circulating fume hoods, ducted fume hoods have been introduced. They are quite seamless in nature in terms of giving safety to the researchers. Going near to the fume hood would not cause any health concern. The only problem is that it needs to be installed with special ducted channel. Not all homes or households come with such ducted channel.

Safety with the Fume Hoods

When it comes to how do laboratory fume hoods work, you need to understand the safety aspect. For the safety, you need to follow the tips as given below:

Working with lesser hazardous materials is always recommended.

The exhaust fans of the hood should be in top notch condition otherwise air in the workplace would get polluted.

There should not be blockage of air flow inside fume hood.

Remembering all these basic things will surely prove to be helpful when you are working with fume hood at your laboratory.


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