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10 Tips For Traveling To India

1. Arrival at the airport .
Never say, especially when you get to the airport and take a taxi, which is your first trip to India desde mexico. Say without hesitation that you have been there before, that you are going to visit friends, to work in an NGO ... anything that does not make you look like newbies; you will avoid many attempts of scam.
2. Currency Exchange.
The national currency is the rupees. You can exchange money at all international airports and are happy to buy Euros, so you do not need the intermediate step to dollars.
3. Rent a car.
The most convenient way to tour India, especially if you want to travel a region, is to rent a car with a driver. It costs around Rs.100 per day all included. There is an Indian car model, the Ambassador, which is very comfortable and safe. Sometimes, drivers take people to places where they are given commission.
Take a guide and compare prices but, in general, drivers know very good places. If you are happy, do not worry; If not, get serious.
4. Taxis.
The first taxi, the first contact, with the street is important. In the airports there is a prepaid taxi window where you pay, depending on the route, in advance in exchange for a piece of paper in which you are assigned a taxi number to be searched outside.
There are stories about taxi drivers who say that the hotel you are going to has burned down the previous week that has closed, etc., sometimes even ratified by a policeman or passer-by.
 They are infrequent but, if it happens to you, laugh and insist that they take you to your hotel. Good humor and calm always work.
5. Massage services.
Do not accept, unless you are looking for something more than a massage, the offer of employees of pensions, hotels, acquaintances, etc. to do a massage if it is not a specialized site.
Some tourists have felt uncomfortable to check, little by little, that the masseuse had his own intentions but, meanwhile, rushed not to offend him because they were not safe, they have been taking off their clothes.
It is not naïveté, it is that they take the misunderstanding very well. Finally, nothing usually happens, the tourist realizes, gets angry and leaves.
On the other hand, Ayurvedic massages are excellent and most of the time, a man massages one man and one woman, another. Sexuality in India is very different from European.
6. Tea.
Tea, which in India is delicious, cannot be drunk everywhere, especially in roadside bars where hygienic conditions are conspicuous by their absence and, often, cups and glasses are cleaned with used water and do not dry well.
An alternative idea is to take a thermos and ask to be filled in the morning at the hotel. Anyway, there are many places where surely nothing happens and it is very nice to sit quietly and watch life go by. If you want to sea and try Tea than planning a trip to southindia, Kerala.
7. The rickshaw
Before riding in a rickshaw, you have to negotiate the price with the driver; if not, you run the risk of paying a much higher price, which although it is never a ruin is an unnecessary inconvenience, especially for having to argue with the driver.
8. How do they say "yes" in India?
The Indians settle making a kind of eight lying down, or symbol of infinity. It can have deep and interesting philosophical implications but in the day to day of the tourist it can be very disorientating because it seems that they say no or that they doubt.
When you try to explain yourself, if you agree, you make this movement that means just that you agree.
9. Dress appropriately.
In most of India, they are not accustomed to the uses of European dress. Especially if you are a woman, it is better to wear moderate attire. Clothing not too tight, short sleeves at least, long pants and bra. A foulard around the neck is equivalent in some way to the dupata they carry.
On the other hand, the salwar t-shirt, the casual dress of Indian women, is very comfortable, beautiful and usable on the way back. It consists of a trouser, wide or narrow, of a blouse, more or less long, and dupata.
10. Do not accept drugs or food.
Do not accept hashish or other drugs from strangers, and sometimes even food, especially at the stations. Some travelers have been woken up a lot later by trains other than those that wanted to go, in other places and without luggage.
11. Good mood and calm .
In general, keep the mood and stay calm at all times, conflict situations, negotiating, etc is most advisable; most of the people are good people and very friendly.


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