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Save your pet from flea and ticks with these treatments

Wow! You will get so many flea and tick controlling applications that you can easily get confused which one to buy? However, this has nothing to do with who have manufactured the product but what matters most is how it is treating the problem of your pet.

Fleas and ticks are not only nuisance, but they can also transfer deadly disease into the body of your dogs and cats. It is never advised to leave it unchecked, if you do it the it can also create a major problem within your household.

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However, as technology have advanced a lot you will also get various type of options that will help you keep fleas and ticks at bay from your beloved pet.

But you must keep n mind that whatever product you are using to keep ticks and fleas away from your dog seek your veterinarian’s advice. There are many products that may have a good brand name, but it may not suit your dog, so it is essential that you take advice from your pet.
With the various products available in the market there are high chances of you getting confused that which will be best for your pet.

So, if you read further you will see that we have discussed some of the products that is good for dogs and will save them from the nuisance of flea and ticks. It will become easier for you to decide the best one for your doggo.

1.      Flea and tick collars

This is one of the best products that you can buy for your dog.  In the market you will collars of different brands but one of the best is the Bayer Siresto flea and tick collar for large dogs.
Form Bayer Siresto you will get collars of various sizes so that it perfectly fits in your doggo’s neck. The material of these collars is made of plastic and it releases insecticides so that can kill the fleas and ticks.
Now, you may wonder whether the insecticides that is released will harm your pet or not? No! the pesticides released from the collars are not harmful. There are many collars which are also water resistant, but it is advisable not to use the collars regularly when your doggo is bathing or in water then the resistance power of the collar lessens down.

2.      Shampoos and dips

You can use shampoos and dips when you immediately want to knockdown fleas and ticks. It is generally used on the outdoor dogs which are infested.
You have to dip your entirely up to their neck in a solution or you can also sponge it in their body. But these dips also have residual smell which you may not want in your house to linger.
There is another quick remedy and that is shampoos. It will also effectively relieve you best friend from ticks and fleas. Shampoos will not only clean your pooch but will also improve the condition of their skin.

3.      Topical treatments

This is generally applied on the outer skin of your pooch. It is directly applied between the shoulders behind the head. It will also immediately stop your pet from licking the medicine once it is applied on them.
The topical treatments are an effective flea and tick control program and will work well on your pet. Moreover, these are designed in such a way that it will kill the fleas within 24 hours.
It will also kill the flea eggs and larvae from developing at all stage.

4.      Oral medications

Oral medications are nothing but chewable tablets for your pets. You can give it to your pet while you are taking it to a park or any area from where they may get infected.
These are tablets that have a short span of effectiveness for almost 24 hours. You can also give it to your doggo on daily basis but obviously not without consulting your veterinarian.
Your pooch may be infected from fleas and tick or may not be, but it is always advisable that you take precautions from before. Your beloved dog should nut suffer from the torture of fleas and ticks.

But the most important thing that you must always remember it- whatever product you use for your dog always consult your veterinarian first. Dogs are our best friend we surely won’t want to lose them at any cost.


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