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How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Are you surprised by the title? Usually, a washing machine is meant for cleaning and washing the clothes, but cleaning the same equipment, the title sounds weird. But have you noticed, sometimes, the clothes coming from the washing machine is not as clean as per the requirement? In this case, the washing machine needs cleaning. So, when you put the clothes in the washing machine, after the washing process, where does all the dirt get removed? Yes, you know that it gets out via the drain, but some residue will always remain. And there are times, you can find the light faint marks on the dark colored clothes. Now, that is an unfortunate situation and the washing process has to be done again. In this article, we shall discuss how to clean your washing machine.

Washing machine Cleaning - Steps For The Process

If you have a top loading washing machine, the process is very simple. You just need to fill the drum with the maximum number of hot water in the machine. The components are chlorine bleach (just one quart). Ensure that you put the powder in its purest form and do not add any other detergent. The washer has to run continuously until it completes the longest duration along with the spinning option. Now, once you find out that the process is completed, fill the washing machine again but this time with distilled vinegar and hot water. Repeat the same process. Complete the spinning cycle once again. You have completed the process and the washing machine has become clean.

Precautions You Have To Exercise

You should never add both the chlorine bleach as well as vinegar in the same set cycle. The reason, you will not believe - poisonous fumes will form. You may have a question as to the use of vinegar. This component ensures that any bleach residue does not remain in the washing machine. So, do not harbor any doubts if you are going to put the new load of clothes in the washing machine.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

What Are the Other Benefits of Using Bleach And Vinegar?

When you use vinegar and bleach, the environment will get free off bacteria, mineral deposits as well as soap scum. Do you live in an area where only hard water is available? Then you need to do this activity at least every quarter of a year. And as per home improvement experts, ensure that the washing machine gets cleaned twice a year.

If you have brought a very good top load washing machine, then the water consumption gets low. The machine also has to get cleaned every month. If you want to ensure that the top loading model should remain clean, then do not forget to keep the lid open after the washing process gets completed. This is one of the very best easy methods on how to clean your washing machine in the top loading models.


How To Clean Your Front Load Washing machine.

You may have gained the information about top loading washing machine models, but let us focus on the front loading types. You will be surprised to know that this model needs a different type of cleaning activity. The reason, they can make the soil remain on clothes as well the bad odors. The main disadvantage of this model is that molds can develop in the clothes if you are making use of more quality of detergent. And yes, moisture should not remain in the washing machine.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine - The Negative Impact of Not Cleaning Dispensers

       In this model, you also need to clean the washer dispensers. As you know, the dispensers come for various purposes and are separated such as bleach, detergent and fabric softeners. So, you should clean these parts also.
       As per home improvement experts, every dispenser should be cleaned mandatorily for the duration of one month to six weeks. By the duration, imagine the importance of cleaning these parts. So, let us imagine, the detergent part already has some powder. If you are using again the amount required for a fresh load, then there will be too much detergent for the process. Now, the suds will form in large quantity and the quality of washing gets reduced. In case you have used too much fabric softener, you can find blue or greasy spots on clothes. And do not forget the fact, that the bleach can lay to waste your colored clothes.
      Okay, now you wanted to take a break from reading this article, and have decided to clean the dispenser in the front load washing machine. Please follow the process.
      You need to heat ten ml of white vinegar in a saucepan. Now if the dispenser is dirty, ensure that the liquid stays for some time so that the buildup gets loosened. You can run the machine in the normal cycle.
      Do you have removable dispensers in the washing machine? Then do not forget to submerge the part in warm vinegar. Now clean the part with warm water. Go for the normal washing process and spinning activity.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine - Spots On The Laundry

There are chances when you have the front loading washing machine, you can find small brown spots in the clothes. Then it is a symbol of rust in the basket or drum. In this situation, make use of a flashlight and look in the washing machine. Please note, if the rust makes way for a sharpnel in the drum, then the clothes may get damaged.

There are some models, where washing machine baskets are replaceable. There are also chances that you can paint or repaint the basket. If you are following the instructions, then you can get more years from the washing machine.

Conclusion - How To Clean Your Washing Machine

This article is about the cleaning of the washing machine. Hope you have gained information. Now, there is another part similar to cleaning your washing machine. You are right. The maintenance part. Now, any washing machine brand will give the warranty only for a maximum of two to three years. And in the third year, you may have to opt for the service from outsiders. In recent times, it is very easy to hire a handyman pro in any city of India. For example, you reside in Pune and have a washing machine for maintenance. The warranty is over. Now, you can download the app of the company which offers home appliance repair services in Pune. Search for the expert skilled in washing machine maintenance in Pune near your home and book the service as per the convenient time of family members. Please note, that you can hire the best technician skilled in washing machine maintenance  within four minutes time.

As per home experts, the recent version of washing machines can last more their lifetime because of the special design. But yes, you have to give them proper maintenance. Then the washing machine will work to their potential, and your clothes will get the best pampering services required.


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