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How to Choose a Boat

PVC boats are convenient because they do not require large storage space, are transported in the trunk of the car. Prices for them are very democratic, even if you buy a motor.
Ships from other materials require particularly careful selection; It is worth consulting with experienced users to take into account all the details. Some models are suitable only for an entertaining walk, but serious hikes or fishing cannot withstand.
For example, aluminium boats have a curved bottom, develop a good speed, are fully capable of withstanding the far route. For walks in the sea, the most important point will be the material of the hull, which should have resistance to salts and rust. Harsh hiking conditions withstand plastic boats: they serve for a long time, the hull is resistant to pressure, shock, and corrosion. Do not forget about the other points: the cost of fuel, the place of parking or storage, method of transportation.

PVC Boats

There are both rowing and motorized, designed for a different number of passengers (from 1 to 5). Due to the ease of preparation for use, low weight and affordable price have become very popular. Even if the boat received a puncture, you could repair it yourself, with the help of a patch and glue, which are included in the kit.
Many models have quite modern design and are painted in bright colors. PVC boat does not require additional care, takes up little space during storage. Prices for PVC rowing boats start at 1200 rubles, which is more than democratic. At the height of the season, it will be difficult to purchase an inexpensive model, you should think about it in advance.
When choosing a boat with a motor, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the manufacturer, because the problems are fraught with both too low power and too powerful motor. A weak engine will not be able to move the boat even against a small wind or current. Too strong engine is also not suitable; it can damage the structure.

Manufacturing Material

Reinforced PVC has a good reputation: durable fabric is present between the layers, which increases strength. A boat of such material is more stable, respectively, increases comfort, which is also important when spending many hours fishing. It is worth paying attention to the material used to cover the inflatable cylinders from the inside. Neoprene has been trusted for decades. This is the best airtight material in the world that is resistant to petroleum products.
Chiapalon is like artificial rubber. They are isolated cables, used in places where many undesirable factors make it difficult to use other materials. However, both are not too strong. Therefore they are used only as a coating for the base material.

Solid Bottom

Modern PVC models are equipped with a high-pressure inflatable bottom (Airdeck). On such a bottom, you can get up to full height. Airdeck is also used independently: as a floor for a tent, a mattress while swimming. If the unexpected happens, and one of the cylinders breaks through, the boat will stay afloat, thanks to the high-pressure inflatable bottom. Produce another composing bottom, made of plywood, which is assembled from two parts. This is special plywood, which is not afraid of moisture. But by weight, it will be more than inflatable.


     Be sure to inspect the boat in an inflated condition. It should not have folded - this indicates good quality seams.
     Preferably seams are not glued but welded.
     The better the quality of PVC, the harder the boat will be.

The disadvantages of the PVC boat

     After each fishing, it is necessary to wash out the sand from it, especially in the areas between the bottom and the cylinders.
     They are afraid of scratches; it is necessary to protect from everything that can cut the material.
     If the motor is installed too powerful, the transom may come off; it will be difficult to repair this damage yourself.

Plastic Boat

Thanks to the one-piece hull, such vessels absolutely do not let in water, because there are no rivets or bolts in the design. The case is shockproof, withstands great speeds. Plastic boats maneuver well, weigh little; their value is adequate. Models differ in capacity, body length (up to 4.5 m), side height (up to 60 cm), width (up to 180 cm). Shells are the most different colors - from white to camouflage.

Fiberglass Boat

The price is almost twice as low as aluminum, and working qualities are not worse. The advantages over wooden ones are also obvious: the weight of the plastic construction is much less, this material is not subject to rotting, does not absorb water, does not rust, has high thermal insulation properties.
Such a vessel can serve for two decades, maintaining a presentable appearance, saving money for repairs.

Care Instructions

     To extend the life of your boat, you need to clean it regularly, but with neutral means.
     Divisions between sections require regular drying.
     Even the smallest scratches are better to repair immediately. To do this, put a patch inside the case.
     At the end of the season, the boat should be put in a shed, garage or under a shed.


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