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Convert prefab shipping containers into swimming pools

Every year the heat rises and the increase of temperature makes the summers a special kind of suffering. On such situations, finding a pool filled with fresh blue water is the only respite for the beating sun. It is a commitment to build a permanent structure in the backyard as that requires patience, investment, and square footage.

However, few homes have all three, but a simple solution for this conundrum of heat or pocket can be the swimming pools that are made out of shipping containers. A container is light, secure, durable, and normally costs a fraction of a conventional pool’s price tag. In Malaysia, Prefab House is quite common nowadays, why don’t you try out the prefab pools for your house?

Even this is a great way to avoid a dent on your bank account and also a great option for you to create a good bond with your family and friends during the peak heat. Well, if you are willing to convert a shipping containers into swimming pools, then here are few steps that you can follow.

Planning permission

For this process, the first steps is to modify a container into a swimming pool. Do diligence on all of the guidelines and regulations that can halt construction like fence building and depth limits. You must get this step out of the way before ordering a shipping container. Otherwise, you might get stuck with a forty feet structure in your backyard without any water within.

Structural engineers

Water is fickle and it is neither light as air nor heavy as rock. If you think that digging a pit of the exact dimensions of the container in the ground and fitting the pool is all you have to do, then you are wrong, this is not enough. It has to be strengthened in order to ensure that this can bear the force of water.

Shipping containers are created to withstand pressure only on the floor along with the corners. For that reason, you need to hire a firm or individual service provider and this is the second step of this process. After the work is done, they will be able to guarantee that the pool and ground are reinforced.

Structural modification

A shipping container is meters deep and everyone is not comfortable with the same depth for a swimming pool. The third of building a container pool is to customize the structure accordingly. You need to decide the depth of the pool and cut the container based on that requirement. Even the edge of that tank has to be blunted and a lip attached to them in order to prevent accidents from the sharp ends.

Water tighten

Normally prefabricated shipping containers are designed to avoid water seepage within, but they are not water tight. In other words, it can be said that water can not enter them from the outside, but they are literally unable to hold water inside. After checking all these, you need to complete the installation process.


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