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Employment Background Verification - Call for the Day

Employment background verification has become common in companies these days. There is not any doubt that it is too fundamental as well as an important practice for a company to ensure that they are selecting the right individual. In the past, many companies had to face cheating and fraud by their employees. It is not enough, but many cases i.e., thefts, criminal activities even terrorism had also seen as the result of negligence in conducting employee background verification.

Not only it is important for employers, but it is also very crucial for an employee to know about the background and current standing of the company he is joining.
Employment background screening is crucial for several reasons. Candidates may present false information in their resume to hide earlier employment issues, and also duration of imprisonment that they evidently do not want to disclose while applying for a new job. You are not only legally bound but it is also your moral responsibility to ensure as much as possible that your employees are not hurt through your hiring of an unsuited applicant.

Your employee screening process should find out any forged dates of employment given, any overstatement of designations or responsibilities held and the likelihood of made up employers being mentioned. Why do applicants opt for such practices? Why do some of them feel it is important to present made up information in their resume? In fact, it is a common practice, and there have been few well-known cases highlighted by the media. We should understand the reasons why job applicants do this.

A general reason for providing the wrong duration of employment with certain organizations is to cover up dismissal for unacceptable behavior, theft or violence to other colleagues. Any of these could present an apt reason for concluding an employer responsible of negligible hiring, and this itself initiates a crisis. While it is significant that you recognize these candidates, the earlier employers might abhor giving information to you that could point them out to have been careless while hiring. At times only a proficient and skilled investigator can get to the actual facts of these circumstances.

Another motive is to secrete a time period of conviction, so somebody released from custody can be self-assured of getting a job at the earliest. It is an uncomplicated task to present a made-up employer, or lengthen the duration of earlier employment. Such enticements can be alluring to an individual desperate to get an employment.

If asked purpose for the job changes mentioned on the CV, a candidate can offer a change of state or city, or even the wish for professional growth, as a motive. They all sound valid and believable, are normally given reasons and are hard to invalidate if earlier employers do not show interest in providing complete employment information. This is especially true of lies said concerning job positions of liability and accountability. A lot of employers will consent to give out employment dates of a particular employee if hard-pressed, but not more details will be provided. Not even leaving particulars.

If you feel that something is not appearing to be right, or just feel a little suspicious about the individual you are interviewing, you are suggested to have a proficient full employment background screening, and can even ask for a criminal record verification. These are not everyday jobs that can be given to an untrained person, and the job is really crucial to your organization to compromise on. An extensive employment background check should be conducted as you an obligation to take care of your employees.

If the job opening requires specific criteria of management expertise or superiority, then some candidates will be lured to fabricate their earlier employment details. There are numerous registered examples of applicants for senior designations faking their curriculum vitae in this manner, and being proffered the designation only to be discovered later on. This type of fabrication is unwise as you will sooner or later found missing in the capabilities you should have had were your statements true.

Actually, a person provides his/her false details in an interview and passed to the appointment, but in many cases such people fail due to their poor records which come to light during background screening.

Previously, the companies used to conduct this employment verification by themselves, but now we have many expert employee background screening companies for this purpose. Still we should take due care and diligence while analyzing the reports provided by such agencies after verifying a particular person. We need to check such reports for getting the right candidates.
Employment background verification comprises of:-

  • Previous records.
  • Basic details.
  • Criminal records.
  • False educational profile.
  • Fake details of earlier employment.
  • Permanent and Current Residence.
  • Addiction of any drug.
  • Driving records.
  • Character records.
  • Loan details.
  • Medical certificates.
  • Sexual convictions.
  • Any other negative deed.
The verification is mainly conducted to make the companies free from any loss in respect to their reputation, time and wealth as well as provide a healthy working environment to other employees.


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