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Cashless Business Transaction and its Future for Online Ordering/ Booking Business

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As everything has become online and things get carried out on net platform the aeon of paper business has passed out and everything is cashless. Pen and paper work have lost their charm and significance but, yes paper work is a more reliable system for carrying out transaction. The arrival of era of cashless transactions have given rise to crimes such as unethical hacking, loss of our secrecy, forfeiture of all our important security information related to our account and so on.

Still, many folks around the world do not prefer to carry cash with themselves for carrying out general transactions instead they carry cards.

 Any field we delve into apart from table-booking everywhere cashless transaction is an emerging trend when we are travelling via metro or we order food online from home from a near by restaurant.

Types Of Cards Used To Carry Out Cashless Transactions:

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Debit Cards(Quite Similar To Atm Cards).Credit Card(Type …

Worker Compensation Columbus - What You Need to Know?

Worker compensation is a wage replacement system. It is designed to give to the injured worker loss wages when he/she is unable to earn average weekly wages. If somebody get injured on a job then first thing he/she need do is to notify their employer and by law that employer is required to call out insurance company that injury has occurred on a job. From then onward worker starts receiving medicare facility and also compensation of temporary disability benefits. After that worker gets evaluated by doctor about what level of disability he may have as a result of those injuries.

How compensation paid?

1. Before date of incident (DOI) worker gets maximum allowable weekly wages but after DOI worker starts getting TTD.

2. TTD stops when person declare P&S and employee return to work with their normal wages.

 3. If there is no permanent disability then employer will receive no further payments.

 4. If employee could not return to work and found to be permanent total disability then …

The role of commercial general contractor- in a construction Project

Contractor is one who bid on the job; they have project level privileges only. A commercial general contractor brings experience and expertise to any project he is working on. They hire and oversee the subcontractors and really take over stress and headache out of making your dream a reality.

 A commercial general contractor need not to be present onsite always because if a general contractor is onsite always then it means it is the only project he is working. Generally a general contractor usually has three or four project going out at the same time but he should show up every day to make sure that everything is on track just for quality control.

 Responsibility of general contractor:
Responsibility of a general contractor includes three key areas :
1. Liabilities responsibility of a project.
2. Coordination of the trade, individuals, allocation of resources to actually get work done.
3. Expertise in handling the problems that may arise while the project is in progress.

 A commercial …